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Terms & Conditions of Hire

Bab’yama is a centre for wellness offering a range of movement disciplines, holistic therapies and psychological treatments to support individuals and groups with their emotional and physical well-being. The studio and therapy room will only be used for classes, therapies , courses and workshops associated with this aim.

The Lessor agrees to:


1. Offer a clean, safe, warm and confidential environment to students, clients, instructors and practitioners.

2. Offer community support and advice to the Hirer to assist in them becoming part of a wider community.

3. Offer marketing assistance as part of the Lessor’s ethos of support and nurture. While the Hub is not responsible for the success or failure of any marketing strategy of the Hirer, we seek to support any promotional initiative by:

3.1 The Hirer will be added to the Lessor’s website as part of the Bab’yama

community, and promoted (within reason) on its social media platforms.

3.2 With regard to 3.1, the Lessor is happy to add the Hirer as an editor on its

Facebook page. However, this would be on the proviso that any content added by the Hirer would not be directly promotional but rather would provide added value for members of our social media family. This could take the form of interesting articles relevant to the Hirer’s area of expertise, videos, links to podcasts, images and quotes. The Lessor reserves the right to remove any posts deemed repetitive, inappropriate, excessive in number or overtly promotional.

4. Give at least 24 hours notice wherever possible of access closures.

5. Give at least one month’s notice wherever possible if the Hub is no longer being used for rental purposes.


The hirer agrees to:

1. Respect all furniture and fittings and to leave the room in a clean and tidy state, ready for the next user. To help facilitate this, the hirer agrees to ensure that all attendees remove their footwear in the hall before entering the studio.

2. Inform Bab’yama if they need to cancel an ad hoc booking (therapy room). At least 24 hours notice is required otherwise the charge will still stand. We recommend you agree similar terms with clients.

3. Pay all invoices when they fall due. Failure to do so will void this agreement.

4. Provide their own resources and do their own administration. The Lessor does not offer a telephone answering or email service, and the address of 23 Castlegate, Berwick-upon-Tweed may not be used as a mailing address.

5. Be fully responsible for the health and safety of their clients/students.

5.1 It is recommended that the Hirer holds an up-to-date first aid certificate.

5.2 The Hirer must make themselves aware of the exit points and positions of

fire extinguishers.

5.3 The Lessor is not responsible for damage to persons or property. The hirer is responsible for any damages to persons or property during the term of rental.

6. The Hirer confirms that he/she is a member of their profession’s recognised professional organisation, is fully qualified to practise their advertised trade and insured to give their treatment to the general public. Evidence of this will be required previous to signing the contract.

6.1 Indemnify the Lessor from any loss, liability or damage arising from the

Hirer’s activities.

7. Operate within the General Terms and Conditions of Hub Rental (below).



1. The Lessor will have no involvement in the professional arrangements between the Hirer and client/student/participant. Any client/student/participant should be informed of this.

2. The Hirer maintains control over their bookings and treatment of clients/students/participants, and is responsible for all financial transactions between the same. The Lessor will charge the hirer for rental only and has no other claim on income derived from use of the Hub by other users.

3. The Hirer is responsible for the venue and its contents during their sessions. Any damage that occurs must be brought to the Lessor’s attention and any payment for damages must be received within 14 days of invoice. The Lessor cannot accept any liability for any damage to persons or property. The Hirer is responsible for any damages to persons or property during the term of rental.

3.1 The hirer is requested to provide evidence of liability insurance to cover persons and property for their class, therapy, course, or event, said insurance to run for the duration of the Hirer’s rental of the Hub.

3.2 The Hirer will seek informed consent of the owner for the use of any special equipment on the premises.

4. The Hub must be left clean and tidy and in the condition the Hirer found it at the beginning of any session.

4.1 No shoes are permitted in the studio at any time. They may be left in the connecting hall.

4.2 If any furniture is moved,. please ensure it is returned to its former place.

5. The Hirer is responsible for bringing their own equipment to the Hub. All equipment must be removed at the end of each session, unless by prior arrangement with the Lessor. The Lessor accepts no responsibility for personal or professional items left at the Hub.

6. Please vacate the Hub as soon as your session is finished to avoid class or appointment clashes with other users.

7. We want the Hub to remain a pleasant space for us all to share. Please check the toilet on the landing is left clean and tidy after each session. Spare toilet roll and paper towels are kept in the therapy room if these need replacing.

8. The Hirer is not permitted to sublet the Hub or use it for any other purpose than what has been agreed.

9. When vacating the Hub, ensure:

a) all overhead lighting, lamps, fairy lights and room diffusers are turned off

b) all candles and incense sticks are fully extinguished

c) all windows and skylights are closed

d) any rubbish is removed

e) the Hub door and front doors are both locked.

10. Smoking/alcohol consumption are not permitted anywhere in the building.

11. The Lessor is committed to supporting the Hirer through marketing campaigns, networking with local organisations and joint working. The Hirer will ask for informed consent of the Lessor regarding the distribution of any advertising material that uses the name and any Babyama logo which is available on request for any directly relevant marketing purposes. Further:

a) the Hirer agrees to reciprocally supports Bab’yama through word of mouth, social media and personal marketing. The Lessor requests that the Hub is tagged in any online posts regarding an event or class that took place at the same.

b) the Hirer agrees to support other users of the Hub in the same way, helping to create a family of wellness professionals.

c) the Hirer agrees to add a link to the Bab’yama website on their own website. This exchange of links ensures that all businesses working from the Hub will have increased online presence through search engine ranking.

12. There is a sign indicating when the therapy room is in use. When the room is engaged, it is requested that class instructors keep noise levels to a minimum.

13. Tea making facilities are available in the therapy room for the Hirer’s use only, unless agreed when booking events.




£15 up to the first 90 minutes; 2 hours: £25; 3 hours: £35; half-day £45; whole day: £60


Therapy Room:

1 hour: £8.50; half-day: £30; whole day: £55

Hourly Bookings

Defined as one-off hourly sessions booked on an ad hoc basis. Payment on receipt of invoice.

Regular Bookings

a) Regular bookings are defined as one or more times each week on an ongoing basis. These will be invoiced at the end of the month, payment on receipt of invoice.

b) Any invoice will include times when the use of the studio by the Hirer is not required. This will ensure that the room is kept for the Hirer’s use only and will ensure that the Lessor can continue to provide a service to the local community.

c) Should the Lessor be able to rent the space to another party when not used by the regular Hirer, the amount will be deducted from the invoice.

d) There will be a 2-week payment break each year when the Hub will be closed for maintenance.

e) Cancellation policy for regular users: Either party must give a month’s notice to end this agreement, with notice being given on the first of the month.

Event & Course Bookings

Defined as special, separate events outside the normal weekly use of the Hub and of two or more hours in duration. These may include half- or all-day workshops, or courses spread over a number of weeks. The total hire becomes due at time of booking.

Booking Cancellation Policy

In the event of the Hirer cancelling a session or class, at least 24 hours’ notice must be given or the Hirer will still be charged. In the event of a workshop being cancelled, a full refund will be given provided at least a week’s notice is given. Thereafter, the Hirer will still be charged. If the Hirer cancels a course part-way through, no refund is payable.


All payments should be done by bank transfer to:

Bank: TSB A/C no: 24102260 Sort code: 77-20-09

and quoting the reference on your invoice.

Access to the Hub

Access to the Hub is via key and door code. The key and door code will be given on receipt of the signed agreement. A £10 key deposit will be required at the commencement of hire and refunded at the end of hire. No duplicates of the key may be made without prior permission from the Lessor and the door code must not be shared with any third party.

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